Recipe: Garlic fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fish



  1. Soak the fish in a light salt water for 1 hour and rinse off the salty taste.

  2. The dried fish is cross-sectioned, two pieces

  3. Heat the fish under the hot pot and start the fire immediately. Turn it to a small fire and slowly fry until the dried fish is golden.

  4. A little oil in the pot, under the minced garlic, the end of the bean curd, the chili powder is simmered in a small fire, poured into the oyster sauce, soy sauce, a little water chicken

  5. Finally, pour the fried fish and mix well. OK~


To be honest, I don’t know much about this fish. I only know that it’s delicious when I come out, and I can’t help but take it as a snack when I watch TV. Basically, salted fish can be made this way, you like it~

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