Recipe: Garlic fat cow

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fat cow


Garlic fat beef ~ stew does not drink, but cold dishes must have! Referring to the practice of Sichuan vegetable garlic white meat, it is suitable for a knife that is not good for me, like a knife. It’s very important to go to the fat cows. Look at the tips~ Another amazing mountain pepper soup is like this:



  1. The fat cow rolls are taken out of the refrigerator, thawed in cold water, and washed repeatedly to remove blood.

  2. Slice the onion, slice the ginger, boil in cold water, add to the beef roll, and add a little cooking wine in the middle.

  3. The rest of the ingredients are cut into a variety of cut ends, and they are served into sauce according to their own taste.

  4. The fat cows are drained and drained, and the sauce is evenly sprinkled with a spoon.


This time, the family has less yellow and coriander, and it will be more delicious. Ginger, green onions, and cooking wine can all be used for simmering. This is especially important for cold meat. Last year, the mangosteen soup was defeated once or twice, thinking that the seasoning was not strong enough. Actually not, you should first pass the fat cows through the water, so that is no problem. Eating hot pot beef because it is small, does not affect the overall stability, but if a bag of vegetables, it needs to be treated separately.

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