Recipe: Garlic fans steamed with fresh shellfish

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fans steamed with fresh shellfish


In the summer, there are all kinds of seafood on the barbecue stalls outside, but how can I make them clean and delicious? Go to the amaranth field and roll up the sleeves. Come on~



  1. Clean the scallops. Shave the whole meat, remove the sandbags inside, wash and wash the shells.

  2. Garlic, cut into minced garlic, need a lot

  3. Cooking fans

  4. Hot oil, simmering oil, salt

  5. Put the fan code on the shell, put the meat on it, and pour the hot soup

  6. Put the steamer for ten minutes.

  7. Out of the pot, sprinkle with shallots, set the plate.

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