Recipe: Garlic fans steamed loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fans steamed loofah



  1. Fans soften in advance, it is best to heat the blisters, then drain the spare

  2. Wash the loofah, go to the hard skin, then cut into loofah pieces about 3 cm thick

  3. Spread the fans under the dish, then lay the loofah on the fans

  4. Use fresh garlic and garlic crisps, add red pepper, oil, salt and some soy sauce to taste the juice, drizzle on the loofah and fans, steam on the pot for about 10 minutes


The taste juice is adjusted in a small bowl before it is topped up so that the taste will be more even; the fans will be soft if they are soaked, otherwise the steam will be dry and hard.

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