Recipe: Garlic fans steamed loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fans steamed loofah


Steamed scallops yesterday, steamed loofah today, the same flavor ~



  1. Dry fans, soaked in hot water for at least two hours, the effect is better. Never cook,

  2. Loofah, beveled into large pieces, with a suitable thickness. Not too thin.

  3. Use the garlic press to process the garlic into garlic, then into the oil pan, the salad oil can be put a little more. Musk, garlic and yellowish, put a spoonful of leeks and serve in the pan.

  4. Fans are placed at the bottom of the plate, loofah slabs are placed on the fans, and the garlic in the 3 is placed on the loofah, and the excess garlic oil is drenched on the fans. Finally, topped with steamed fish oyster sauce, depending on your taste.

  5. After the water is opened, the upper drawer is steamed for 5-7 minutes, and the steaming time is slightly longer. The loofah and the fans will also taste more.

  6. Another pot, put the salad oil, burst the green pepper, and then turn off the fire. Then finally pour it on the steamed loofah.


1, raspberry, the purpose of salt replacement. 2, this method can be used for fans steamed scallops. There are a few things to watch out for, 1) It is best to take out the scallops completely, marinate them with cooking wine, and take them effectively. 2) Finally, drizzle the oil of green pepper, you can put the ginger into the ginger oil first, also to take the cockroach.

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