Recipe: Garlic fans steamed dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fans steamed dumplings


As a popular small seafood, Hazelnut is delicious, soft and tender. The meat is easy to get out of the water, and the taste of the onion and ginger is far less delicious than the steamed one. The unique aroma of garlic is more suitable for cooking with a variety of small seafood. This garlic fan steamed the dumplings, the original taste, one bite, so you can't stop!



  1. The scorpion is placed in salt water and can be dripped with two drops of sesame oil to make it easier to spit out the sand.

  2. The garlic cloves are cut into garlic, the ginger is chopped, the oil pan is turned, and the oil heats to medium heat. Stir-fried for a while, the garlic continues to fry until the garlic is slightly browned, even the oil is poured out, put a little salt and chicken seasoning.

  3. The fans cut and the cold water was soaked for 20 minutes to soft.

  4. Wash the scorpion clean, burn a pot of water until the water is boiling off. Immediately pour the scorpion into the boiling water that has been turned off and cover it for three minutes.

  5. Remove the tweezers and cut the two pieces of the shell attached to the back of each tweezers to the 1/2 position. Remove a piece of shell that retains the crust attached to the clam and remove the black yarn from the outer ring of the clam.

  6. After all the tweezers are finished, the plate is placed on the plate. The fans are evenly spread on the bottom of the plate. The meat can be placed in the shape of the plate. After the plate is placed, take the garlic oil and the garlic evenly on the meat.

  7. Put the water in the pot. After the water boils, put the scorpion into the pot and steam for three minutes to turn off the heat. Stir for two minutes and take it out.

  8. Use a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce and a little sugar to prepare a sauce and evenly pour it on the scorpion.

  9. Sprinkle with chopped green onion, add some hot oil, evenly pour on the chopped green onion to force the aroma, and cut the circle of millet pepper.


1. Garlic oil sauce should not be too salty when seasoning, you can adjust the bottom taste, there is sauce behind. 2. Garlic is recommended to be fried yellowish, and the aroma is strong. If it does not taste, it will be inferior. 3. The medlar is easy to effluent and easy to cook, so it is not directly cooked. After the water is opened, it can be smothered in boiling water and then peeled off. 4. Steam on the pot for three minutes and suffocate for two minutes. Don't steam more. For a long time, one plate is water and the meat is soft and rotten.

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