Recipe: Garlic fan small abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fan small abalone


Abalone is a seafood shellfish. It has been regarded as the "crown of seafood treasures" since ancient times. Its meat is tender and smooth, and its taste is extremely delicious. It is comparable to other seafood. I often see the giants and aristocrats swearing abalone at the table in Hong Kong and Taiwan dramas. Of course, this abalone is not abalone, and the price is naturally a hundred thousand miles away~~ but in terms of nutritional value, it is not much different. So, we can choose this cheap and affordable small abalone to cook and enjoy its nutrition and deliciousness.



  1. Fans use soft water for soft use; small abalone is dug out along the shell, carefully brushed with a toothbrush to remove black stains

  2. The cleaned small abalone is cut into two or three pieces with a knife (can also be cut), and the top is crossed with a cross knife.

  3. Soft-skinned fans roll into small abalone shells

  4. Cut the garlic into the end, stir fry in half the oil pan, and mix the other half of the minced garlic into the oyster sauce, a little beautiful fresh soy sauce, mix the rice wine together.

  5. Put a little simmered oyster sauce on the fans, then pour a little on the surface of the small abalone and steam for 5 minutes in the boiling water pot.

  6. The steamed small abalone is taken out, covered with chopped green onion, and the hot oil is poured on it.

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