Recipe: Garlic fan scallop

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fan scallop



  1. Scallop meat removes black scorpion, leaving only white meat and 'red meat', cut and washed, to smash garlic cloves, ginger, soy sauce, salted

  2. Brush a shell and boil it in boiling water

  3. Fans cook for about 5 minutes, remove them and soak them in cold water.

  4. A large amount of garlic is prepared, the size of the cut rice can be cut, the red pepper is cut into small pieces, and the shallots are chopped with green onion.

  5. Shells into the fans, rinse the shellfish, put on the fans, sprinkle a little garlic, put the plate into the steamer that has been boiled, steam for 4, 5 minutes

  6. When steaming and stuffing, heat the oil, stir the whole garlic in the fire, stir the steamed fish oil, white sugar and stir well. Pour the soup in the steamed scallop dish into the pot carefully, and pour the red pepper. Stir fry and turn the garlic evenly to the scallops, add chopped green onion


There are many ways to make this snack in the same way. Some of them are fried with garlic sauce and steamed on the raw shellfish, but I feel that the garlic is so "flying", so use a small amount of garlic to steam the shellfish, then the scallops The pot and the fried garlic juice are carried out almost at the same time. The fresh and over-oiled garlic is steamed and the shellfish can be directly eaten. The aroma is full and the garlic is not lost.

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