Recipe: Garlic fan scallop

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fan scallop



  1. Wash the scallops first, separate the shellfish from the shells, and mix the shellfish in the salt water clockwise to precipitate the sand, then wash it out and spare it. Brush the shells clean and set aside.

  2. Fans copy out the empty water, do not copy too long, so as not to pinch off.

  3. Put the brushed shells on the plate, put the prepared fans on the shells, and put the shellfish.

  4. Make garlic into garlic, stir the oil in the pot to 70%, stir fry the garlic, add the chicken essence, thirteen incense, a little salt, until the garlic is slightly discolored and immediately popped out.

  5. Pour the fried garlic on the shellfish. Steam on the pan, wait until the water is open and steam for three minutes.

  6. After steaming, take out a few drops of a soy sauce and sprinkle with shallots.

  7. Burn some salad oil, wait until the oil is slightly smoked, pour it on the scallions and a scent, so that the taste is more delicious, you can also save this step and pour some sesame oil.

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