Recipe: Garlic fan dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic fan dish



  1. Soak the fans in cold, warm water for about 10 minutes, soften

  2. Wash and chop the garlic, spare

  3. After washing the dolls, cut three knives against the head of the stalk and cut the dish into 6 pieces.

  4. Add a little salt to the boiling water, rub it, then use the center of the plate as a point, put it into a week; put the tender leaves in the center of the plate when the pendulum is placed, the stems are placed around, so that fans are placed on the young leaves. It can reduce the water loss of the leaves during steaming, it will be tenderer and taste better.

  5. Laying a layer of fans on the doll dish

  6. The chopped garlic is put into the oil pan to burst the oil. Pour the fried garlic on top of the fan

  7. Pour the mixed juice of oyster sauce and steamed fish sauce

  8. Put the prepared baby dish into the steamer, add water, steam for 10 minutes on the fire, and then steam the fish sauce.

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