Recipe: Garlic dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic dumplings



  1. About a pound of scorpion, buy it in light salt water, drop a few drops of cooking oil, raise it for half a day, let it spit out the sand mud. Then wash it, spread it on the plate, sprinkle the cooking wine, steam on the pot for 7 minutes, remove After cooling, remove the half shell and remove the intestines on the side. Take a clean plate and spread the processed hazelnuts on top. Garlic is made into garlic and sprinkled on the hazelnut. Heat the pot, put a little water, and burn. After opening, put two tablespoons of cooking wine, a little chicken essence, salt, pour into thin water starch after opening, stir quickly, boil and leave the fire, pour on the scorpion, serve

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