Recipe: Garlic cream with grilled prawns

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic cream with grilled prawns



  1. First treat the shrimp ribs, wash the shrimps, cut the shrimp feet with scissors, cut the knife from the joint between the shrimp head and the shrimp body, cut along the back to the tail of the shrimp, take care not to cut off the abdomen, and spread the shrimp out. Shrimp intestines, then cut a few knives on the shrimp with a knife to cut the ribs so that the shrimp does not bend when cooked. Treated shrimp into a container, add salt, pepper, pickled wine

  2. The eggs are broken into egg liquid and filtered through the filter to remove the egg gluten. Take a layer of dry flour on the marinated shrimp, then roll it in the egg mixture, add a little oil in the pan, or 1 tbsp olive oil, heat on medium heat, and put the prawns wrapped in egg liquid into the pot. In the middle, the side of the shrimp is facing down, frying until the color is turned over, and after a little frying, it can be taken out.

  3. Prepare a pesto butter sauce (at the back), place the fried shrimp in a baking tray, spread the pesto sauce on the shrimp, preheat the oven to 200 degrees, and bake in the oven. 5 minutes, you can remove the plate

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