Recipe: Garlic crayfish

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic crayfish


For the food, there is a husband who can cook, it is a blessing for eight generations! As long as I want to eat something, my husband must buy, buy, and do it, and don't want it! Of course, in addition to petting me, I also love his little lover, our daughter! This garlic crayfish is her husband's deliberately for her daughter. There are no peppers, no spices, only the most original fragrance, full of fatherly love!



  1. Crayfish cleaned up; 2 garlic, smashed into small particles, do not smash into velvet; ginger 1/3 of the amount of garlic, the same into small particles. The crispy peanuts are chopped into fine peanuts.

  2. The hot pot pours oil, the oil is slightly more than the usual amount of cooking. After the oil is hot, the crayfish is fried and stir-fried until all the red color is added to the garlic ginger granules. The fire is not too big, so that the garlic ginger paste is avoided.

  3. After frying the scent, add soy sauce, oil, salt, stir fry a little bit of vinegar and add water that has not been crayfish. After the fire is boiled, simmer until the sauce, add a little chicken and stir fry. .

  4. After the crayfish is put into the pan, pour the crunchy peanuts into pieces. Heat the pan and heat a little bit of oil. After the oil is hot, pour over the peanuts. Finally, sprinkle with parsley and chopped green onion.

  5. If you want the garlic to be more fragrant, put a little bit of raw garlic granules when you put the peanuts in pieces. It is enough to drink hot oil together.

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