Recipe: Garlic cookie

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic cookie


Suddenly I want to eat savory cookies. Of course, Wang Guangguang’s “big onions” are preferred. However, I’ve found that there are all the cockroaches. Ok, let's make a homemade recipe. I don't know if it is so delicious before I do it. So I didn't take a picture of the process. I will try to write something clear. I don't know. Please look at the tips below. I hope I can answer your questions. .



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: In the first step, the slices are softened after weighing the butter (the slices will soften faster, and the time will be sufficient).

    In the first step, the slices are softened after weighing the butter (the slices will soften faster, and the time will be sufficient).

  2. In the second step, the rest of the material is weighed during the softening of the butter. The low-powder, cornstarch and salt are mixed, and the garlic cloves are cut into thinners for use.

  3. The third step is to add the sweetened butter to the powdered sugar and salad dressing. After mixing well, use an electric egg beater to send it at a low speed to a large volume and white color.

  4. In the fourth step, add the mixed powder of garlic and step 2 to the butter that has been sent, mix well with a spatula, or wear gloves to directly operate.

  5. In the fifth step, the dough is formed into a rectangular parallelepiped having a cross section of about 5*3 cm, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in a refrigerator for about one hour.

  6. In the sixth step, the oven is preheated at 170 ° C, and the dough is taken out and cut into 5 mm thick pieces, which are placed on the baking sheet. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.


1. The sugar powder in the material gives a range, do not like to eat too sweet to put 30 grams, put 40 grams more sweet, I put 35 grams this time, I feel that I can put less, of course, it may be sugar powder The reason for it (I use red cotton granulated sugar). 2. The salad dressing can be replaced with an equal amount of eggs or 20 grams of corn oil, but the taste will be different, and the taste of the salad dressing will be more layered. 3. The butter must be softened (the color is the same, and the hole will appear without any resistance with a finger), and the hair must be in place. 4. This step of shaping is quick, especially when the temperature is high. 5. Swing the plate must leave at least half a centimeter of space between the film and the film, otherwise it will stick into a piece when baked. 6. The cutting method of the garlic clove is: slice-strip-diced, which is about small square cubes cut into 2 mm square.

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