Recipe: Garlic cloves

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic cloves


The north is called Haihong, the south is called Qingkou, the scientific name is mussel, and the English name is mussel. Qingkou meat is fresh and tender, delicious and nutritious. It is a popular seafood. It can be steamed and cooked, or it can be sautéed with other vegetables and tasted delicious. The garlic is green, the garlic is rich, fresh and delicious. With the simplest cooking method, you can make the most attractive and delicious seafood.



  1. Wash the fresh green mouth and rest for a long time, let it spit out the sand and debris

  2. Garlic chopped into garlic, ready to use

  3. Put the green mouth into the water temperature of 80 degrees, enter a few drops of cooking wine, and then remove the water immediately, drain the water for use.

  4. Heat the wok into the butter. After the butter melts, sauté the minced garlic and turn off the heat.

  5. Pour the green mouth into the mix and mix well.


1. When drowning, pay attention to an opening and remove it immediately to avoid getting old meat. 2, without any spices, completely retain the original taste of Qingkou. 3, when burning shellfish mollusks, cooking wine into the pot, you can go to pick up fresh. 4, must buy fresh green mouth, seafood and seafood, must be fresh. 5, do not like garlic, you can change the white wine. When you eat, squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon juice and it's delicious!

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