Recipe: Garlic clams fried with fresh shellfish

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic clams fried with fresh shellfish


As long as the ingredients are not processed, it is very delicious. Fresh shellfish or fried is best to eat Chinese garlic + steamed fish oyster sauce seasoning. The temperature of the pot is higher and the fresh shell can not be shrunk (of course, the quality of fresh shellfish itself is also On the one hand) Yellow fried more fragrant garlic, more fresh shellfish under the pad, all kinds of lettuce, no seasoning, the taste of the fresh shellfish is enough. A bite with a lettuce is super cool~~~吼吼



  1. Cut the garlic and fresh shells with kitchen paper to suck dry (can also save) all kinds of lettuce dish

  2. Heat the pot, put the butter, melt it, make a small bubble, and have a rich fragrance. You can see the butter zoom yellow.

  3. Adjust the medium heat and put the fresh shell for about 2 minutes. Turn the noodles for 1 minute and put the minced garlic. Shake the pot and fry for another minute.

  4. Steam the fish from the pot. Shake the pot and turn over the pot.

  5. Put the fresh scallops on the vegetables, sprinkle the garlic on the fresh scallops with a spoon, sprinkle the remaining juice.

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