Recipe: Garlic chopped potato strips

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic chopped potato strips


These days, the table has a dish, I take a step today and take another step tomorrow. Today's finished product is a plain version of garlic and fried potato strips, no meat. The following steps are for entertaining guests, and there are a lot of shredded pork in it. However, the basic steps are the same. Everyone can't change the delicious color of this dish, haha.



  1. Wash the potatoes and cut the strips

  2. Put the oil in the pan and fry the potatoes in a pan

  3. Patience and perseverance, you will fry the potato strips golden golden

  4. The fried potato strips are coming out, see how, not far from KFC.

  5. Garlic can be washed with water for a while

  6. Cut into small pieces. Because the garlic in the spring is relatively tender, so I don’t have to throw my head. It’s good to eat it. Saving is my true color. It’s one hundred years.

  7. Add oil to the pan, and the pork is noisy and white, then throw the garlic into it and continue to stir fry. This time, because the guests put a lot of shredded pork, our family’s family is basically a plain version.

  8. After the garlic is fried and the skin is wrinkled, the fried potato strips are fried, and the amount of salt is added.


If there is an artificial cockroach saying that this dish is not good, would you believe it? I think it is delicious. If you don't believe you do it once. After waiting for the money, I opened a restaurant. The name of the dish on the menu is "the red meat that the ball likes" and the "garlic and potato strips that the ball likes." Anyway, the words are inseparable from the square ball, haha!

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