Recipe: Garlic chopped pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic chopped pepper


Prepare a basin and sealed jar (clean and water free)



  1. Chilli washed, drained, chopped

  2. Put it in a clean, waterless basin

  3. Garlic peeled ginger, peeled, washed and drained

  4. Garlic chopped with ginger

  5. Garlic and ginger are also placed in the basin

  6. Put a proper amount of salt

  7. Mix well

  8. Pour the mixed pepper into the jar

  9. The oil is cooked hot, preferably the vegetable oil will be more fragrant.

  10. Pour into the jar

  11. Put a little water on the jar

  12. Buckle the small bowl, because the lid of my jar is very long, so I use a small bowl, haha


1. Remember to drain the water after the pepper is washed. The garlic cloves are the same as the ginger. 2, the delicious taste of the peppers themselves, if you are lazy, put the food processor 3, pots, jars must be clean and water-free 4, the last oil burned and drained to the surface, so that the hot sauce will not be bad, I learned with my aunt

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