Recipe: Garlic chopped peanuts with cucumber

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic chopped peanuts with cucumber



  1. First introduce the method of frying peanuts, boil water

  2. 250 grams of peanuts poured into the lid for 2 minutes

  3. Take out and dry

  4. Dry the peanuts, cold oil, and slowly fry until the peanuts are broken and yellowed. Remember that peanuts can't be fried too deep and it's not good. After taking it out, put a little wine to keep the peanuts crisp.

  5. Cucumber slices, salted for a while

  6. The fried peanuts are pressed with a knife back and turned into peanuts. Garlic chopped into mud

  7. Cucumber marinated juice should be dumped

  8. Then squeeze the cucumber into the water, add the peanuts and garlic, and stir the sesame oil.


1, after the peanuts are soaked in water, the fried will be more brittle, like you can try. 2, must be cold oil, cold peanuts, cold pot, so that peanuts will not be cooked outside, inside is not cooked. 3, because of the reason of frying, so the peanuts should be removed in time after discoloration. Because for a minute, you can make the peanuts paste. 4, because the peanuts are oily, so the crunchy cucumber can be greasy and promote appetite. 5, cucumbers generally put two, you have to eat at the time, put down the meal is not good. 6, peanuts and garlic, mix well before going to the table.

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