Recipe: Garlic charcoal grilled oysters, scallops!

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic charcoal grilled oysters, scallops!


Because there is no photo for every step, wait until the next time you bake it!



  1. The first thing to do is to open the sputum (use scissors to cut the oysters so that you can easily find the opening) and wash it in clean water! The scallops don't have to be cut, but the black ones must be cut off after the scallops are opened!

  2. Then chop the garlic and stir fry with oil until the aroma of the garlic is fried! The oil should be a little more, so that the garlic is fully fried! Cut the millet pepper into pieces! Fans are hot with hot water, cut it, probably as long as the fingers!

  3. Then with sauce, the proportion of miso soy sauce and cooking wine is 2:1, let the chicken essence be put, not too much, mainly to taste!

  4. At this time, you can put it on the shelf! Before roasting, each oyster, scallops first put a little fried garlic, put on the fans, eat spicy, put the millet pepper, personal feeling spicy is more delicious! I am not too hot to eat! After the oysters are put in place, the scallops are topped with the sauce!

  5. In the process of roasting, wait until the oysters, the sauce in the scallops begin to boil, use a knife to cut the raw simmer, and then pour the sauce, so it is more delicious! About a minute after waiting for the boiling, you can eat! Eat hot, even the soup with meat into the mouth, that delicious! Don't waste soup!


When roasting, there will be an explosion in the oysters. Don't be afraid, this is normal!

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