Recipe: Garlic champignon mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic champignon mushrooms


Goro's appetite is good, and the success rate of ordering is also high; for the "garlic fragrant mushroom" long grass, the test is really amazing...



  1. Mouth mushrooms are washed and drained; garlic cloves are crushed and cut into ends; concentrated chicken juice is mixed with juice in a small bowl of water; parsley is cut into pieces for use;

  2. Heat the small pot and put it into the butter to dissolve it. Add the minced garlic to the minced garlic. Put the mushrooms in the mouth and stir fry for 2 minutes.

  3. Pour in chicken broth and boil, cover and simmer for 2 minutes, so that the mushroom is absorbed into the broth; open the lid and put in the cheese, until it is completely mixed with the broth, leave the fire; grind a few peppers and sprinkle with the fragrant Began to eat.


It’s not too much to describe with aroma, the mushroom is full and elastic, the soup is thick and delicious, and it is perfectly served with a crispy baguette or toast. The amount of garlic in the recipe is determined according to your preference. I will take a part of it and mix it with butter and spread it on a toast to fry it with a pan. This is a good match! Finally, add the cheese slices to increase the thickness of the soup. If you want to go out for a date after eating, remember to drink a glass of milk~

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