Recipe: Garlic broccoli

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic broccoli


Big fish and big meat is definitely not the main dish of my family. In fact, the main dish of my family is still the home-made side dish, which is simple and convenient. Garlic broccoli has appeared in my family's table recently. I like broccoli very much. I especially enjoy the broccoli in the mouth and the tongue. The soft flower buds touch the tip of the tongue. It feels like a lover's kiss is wonderful. ! Broccoli is rich in nutrients, containing protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and carotene. Its nutritional content ranks first among similar vegetables and is known as the “vegetable crown”. Broccoli contains a variety of indole derivatives, which have the effect of reducing estrogen levels in the human body and prevent breast cancer. Broccoli is especially magical in killing Helicobacter pylori that causes stomach cancer. My old Lao Xiao did not like to eat broccoli, saying that this dish does not have the spicy smell of radish. This defect is well solved, that is, broccoli into a small flower, hot in the boiling water pot, the color will not only become green, spicy gas will disappear. The price of broccoli has been quite high. In winter, we have to pay at least five yuan a pound, and a broccoli has more than ten yuan. It often makes me want to sigh. Now it’s good. When it’s cheap, it’s only one yuan. Let's take advantage of it cheaply ^_^



  1. Broccoli, a few petals of garlic

  2. Become a small flower. Because of the rich flower buds on the surface of broccoli, there are often residual pesticides, which are very easy to hide the worms. So before eating, the cauliflower can be soaked in salt water for a few minutes, the worms will run out and help to remove the residue. pesticide

  3. Boil a pot of boiling water, put the washed broccoli in it for two minutes, then remove it and soak it in the water to prevent yellowing.

  4. Peel the garlic and cut into minced garlic. Heat up the wok and fry the sesame in the next half. Pour the broccoli into the sautéed broccoli for 3 minutes, add the salt, and pour the remaining half of the garlic into the pan before cooking.

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