Recipe: Garlic bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic bread


No side packs with any fillings. The taste is monotonous, the shape is not fancy, and it is reasonable to not like the children's likes... Until adulthood, when I first saw this garlic bread with the shape of a petty bourgeoisie at the Paris Sweet Bread Square, I was already in love at first sight, and the first one was deeply fascinated. I fell in love with this garlic-flavored, fascinating, super-selling signature bread.



  1. Pour the weighed pure milk and egg liquid into the bread bucket

  2. Then pour the sugar and salt separately (the sugar and salt can be fully contacted with the liquid for dissolution)

  3. Finally, pour high-gluten flour and yeast (yeast should be placed last, do not touch salt, salt will kill yeast)

  4. Select the dough button and add the butter to the small pieces when the liquid and flour are stirred into a dough. When it has a certain glutenness (about 15 minutes)

  5. Continue to select the dough button. After about 12 minutes, just pull the dough and pull out the thin and tough film (you can take a small piece of dough to check the state of the film to determine if the dough is in place)

  6. The basal fermentation of the dough is carried out for about 60 minutes, and when it is twice as large, it is taken out (paste a little high powder with your fingers, and after the insertion from the middle of the dough, the hole does not retract)

  7. The dough finished by the base fermentation is divided into doughs each weighing 30 g/piece by a scraper or the like.

  8. After one-handed rounding, cover the plastic wrap and relax for 15 minutes.

  9. The loose dough is rolled into an oval shape with a rolling pin, and the bottom side facing one side is pressed into a quadrilateral by hand.

  10. An olive-shaped bread embryo is formed from the top to the bottom, and the bottom edge can be pinched with a little water.

  11. After shaping the dough, place it on a baking sheet covered with tarpaulin

  12. Place in the middle of the oven for final fermentation (two bowls of boiling water can be placed at the bottom of the oven to increase temperature and humidity)

  13. After about 40 minutes of fermentation, when the dough is fermented to twice as large, it can be pressed with a finger and does not rebound and feels very tight.

  14. Evenly apply a layer of egg liquid on the fermented dough and use a blade to make a knife in the center of the bread.

  15. Squeeze the garlic butter that has been loaded into the squid bag beforehand at the edge of the knife

  16. Put it into the middle layer of the preheated oven and bake it at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

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