Recipe: Garlic black pepper denim

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic black pepper denim


This dish has been done several times. The more you do it, the better it tastes. Even the feeling is that if you treat the beef well, the success rate is very high...



  1. Cut the beef tenderloin into small squares, add 1 fingernail amount of baking soda in the water, soak the blood water; squeeze the water and marinate with oyster sauce and black pepper for 15 minutes, add the raw powder and mix well; onion and scallion cut into small pieces, garlic Stripped for use;

  2. Put the garlic in a frying pan and fry it into a light golden spoon; control the oil in the pan, dissolve a small piece of butter, put it into the denim grain, and fry until the surface is broken;

  3. The original pot of musk onion and scallion, add black pepper juice, pour in garlic and denim, stir fry until the juice is drained, and then sprinkle some black pepper to the pot.


The beef is fried until the surface turns white and can be simmered. Finally, the black pepper juice is quickly sautéed, and the ripe taste is not more than seven.

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