Recipe: Garlic, black pepper, beef bone

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic, black pepper, beef bone


Seeing that the garlic has been put on for a long time, but there is still a little more do not know how to deal with it? Musk is the perfect meat dish. Fresh beef bone steak is fresh and tender. It can also be served directly as a main dish.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Steak bones through the water to the blood

    Steak bones through the water to the blood

  2. Add three pieces of fragrant leaves and fragrant leaves. Half a spoonful of soy sauce. Black pepper is crushed. Pressure cooker is fifteen minutes. [Modified. For meat that is tight or soft, please decide the time according to your pressure cooker function.]

  3. The butter melts, the garlic is golden to the next onion, the beef bone, the pepper powder (here is more flavored with the powder), a spoonful of bovine bone soup just pressed.

  4. About two minutes, the starch is thickened, the fire is collected, and finally a large amount of black pepper is crushed. [Buller can also be personally felt that the taste is still better with black pepper.]


Oyster sauce, pepper, soy sauce, the weight of the fragrant leaves, according to your preference, my taste is relatively light, it is okay to add more

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