Recipe: Garlic beer duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic beer duck


The duck is delicious, put a lot of garlic, the garlic is delicious, try the yellow wine and beer, the yellow wine puts more sweet, overshadows the aroma of the duck, it is not good.



  1. The duck legs are thawed and the clams are ready for use; the two garlics are peeled and granulated, 4 pieces are chopped, and the rest are kept for use; the ginger slices are ready for use.

  2. Hot pot, put a little oil, the duck will be mad, put the duck pieces, stir fry, stir fry the duck oil, feel the duck slowly fried, put the whole garlic and ginger pieces down go with

  3. Put salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, stir evenly, put about half a bottle of beer, the amount is probably a little less than the degree of duck meat

  4. Cover the lid and turn to the fire

  5. I opened the lid twice in the middle, until the soup was gone, sprinkled with garlic and diced green onion.


Burning ducks must be less oily, or you will regret the last garlic and scallions is the finishing touch, especially the garlic, do not skip

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