Recipe: Garlic bean

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic bean


Garlic is a favorite thing for northerners, and many Shanghainese like me like it. It’s not a good thing to eat and eat, but it’s also a big ingredient in the house. Some dishes are delicious when they are shot. One of them is the bean.



  1. The bean is washed, the two ends are removed, and the hand is twisted into a length of about six fingers.

  2. Garlic is flattened and peeled and cut into garlic.

  3. From the oil pan, the fire. Be sure to hot oil in the pan (the pan is dry and then boiled)

  4. Don't wait for the oil temperature to turn into the garlic, even if you don't eat garlic, you must love this garlic.

  5. As soon as the garlic is out, it is necessary to add the spare beans immediately. After a long time, the garlic will be burnt off. It is also the reason to say that hot oil is hot. The scorched garlic will cause bitterness

  6. The bean is light, and the salt can be added to the pot together with the bean, so that the bean is easy to taste. The fire will stir the beans and the color of the beans will gradually turn bright green.

  7. Then add water, the weight is about half a bowl of the usual bowl. I can't give milliliters like a baked recipe. I don't think it's possible to calculate it as a home cooking.

  8. When the lid is boiled, it will be changed into a small and medium-sized fire. The beans are not bad. Do not open the lid in the middle. If you open the lid and then the bean is lost, it will lose its color and yellow.

  9. You don't have to be idle in the middle, ready to prepare the next dish and cut something. I have seen a lot of novices in the evening when they are cooking, and they are busy with the salt. They temporarily put salt to find the salt shaker, temporarily put sugar, and the sugar cans are locked in the cabinet. Plan your steps before you start, and make the most of the gap between the dishes. Don't finish the next one and still need to wash the vegetables. This will ensure that every dish after cooking is hot.

  10. It’s estimated that the knife will be almost smashed for 45 minutes. Let’s put a pot to continue your next dish.


A cook who can make a delicious home-cooked dish is a good cook. The cook who goes to the market to buy vegetables and wash vegetables is a good cook. If you can do it with a dishwashing, it will be even more rare.

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