Recipe: Garlic-based shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic-based shrimp


The first time you upload the recipe, please take care of this recipe. It is improved on the basis of fried shrimp. The family likes to eat.



  1. Shrimp cleaned, go to the shrimp line, open the shrimp back, rinse

  2. Shrimp, add appropriate cooking wine, salt, onion, ginger, marinate for half an hour, control dry

  3. Heat the pan, pour a large amount of oil (at least immerse the shrimp in the oil), heat the oil to 70% of the marinated shrimp, fry the shrimp until the shrimp skin is crisp (the fried time is longer), and control the oil.

  4. Leave the base oil in the pot, pour in the garlic, stir-fry the garlic flavor, add soy sauce, sugar, add a small amount of water, boil and pour the shrimp, cook until the soup (also can be thickened), sprinkle with chopped green onion


It is also possible to change shrimp into shrimp. Let me tell you the difference between the two after the next try.

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