Recipe: Garlic and spicy sauce chicken crispy

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic and spicy sauce chicken crispy


I have written a few chicken brittle bones. ~~ Teammates are asking to reproduce the northeast street barbecue style~~~~ So ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This should be a good under Wine dishes! ! But we don't drink alcohol, so we can only have a meal, it is best to have a soup to eat no friends~~~~~! ! To use Tianjin Limin brand garlic sauce! ! ! ! To use Tianjin Limin brand garlic sauce! ! ! ! To use Tianjin Limin brand garlic sauce! ! ! ! The important thing is said three times! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



  1. Chicken brittle bones

  2. Put a small amount of oil in the hot pot, stir fry the chicken and stir fry, sprinkle the appropriate amount of pepper powder and black pepper stir fry ~ ~ more than a little black pepper does not matter! ! ! good to eat! !

  3. Add a small amount of soy sauce ~ (I usually put two tablespoons or two shovel, the amount does not matter much, then put less garlic sauce, then add more garlic sauce after the back ~)

  4. Stir fry stir fry fry ~~~ almost add some garlic sauce and stir fry ~~~ Don't put too much at once, there is salt in the garlic sauce, taste it in time~~~~

  5. If you are ok, you can sip the cumin powder and cumin granules~~~


1. Chicken brittle bones I first drowned water, one can go to a little snow-stained taste, the second is to reduce the time of cooking behind ~~~ not drowning can also, then the more fried in the back will ensure that cooked! ! ! 2. Don't put too much soy sauce, it's good to taste ~~~3. Put some black pepper and eat it a little! ! ! It's the best to grind ~~~~~4. Don't put too much garlic and spicy sauce at once, there is salt in it, before you put the soy sauce, so try the taste in time, you can feel it when you eat it. ~~5. A lot of cumin powder will be delicious! ! ! ! Finally, stir-fry and stir-fry is quite hot, otherwise it is easy to paste the pot~~~~~

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