Recipe: Garlic and fried bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic and fried bacon


Garlic moss is a very delicious thing, and it is nutritious. The family just happened to make pickled oysters and left the bacon, so I remembered this match and it tastes good.



  1. Garlic moss is picked into small pieces (do not like knife cutting, feeling that the juice is flowing away)

  2. Slice the bacon and soak in water (not too salty if not soaked)

  3. Put a small amount of cooking oil in the pot, stir fry the bacon, straighten the meat to change color, put in the garlic moss, stir fry until the garlic moss discolors, can turn off the fire (you can choose whether to add salt according to the saltiness during the frying process)


Garlic moss or hand peeling off the skin is delicious, it will be very brittle

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