Recipe: Garlic and fried bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic and fried bacon


Bacon is a young man who wants to slowly smoke the grapefruit skin and orange peel in the New Year. The taste is definitely more than the price in the supermarket! Xiangxi people have a persistent and critical touch on bacon. With bacon, they have a taste of Chinese New Year. The bacon is sent by the mother. Putting the garlic and frying together is to eat the love bacon not so fast.



  1. Wash the bacon and slice it (the most delicious bacon in the fat and thin), steam it in the pan and take it out.

  2. The garlic moss is cut to the end and cut into small pieces of 4~5cm long.

  3. Dried chili cut into small pieces, ginger shredded

  4. The steamed bacon bowl will have oil oozing from the bacon, pour the oil into the pot, then add the dried chili and ginger.

  5. Garlic under the pot, stir fry for about 3 minutes, put salt and soy sauce, continue to stir fry for about 4 minutes.

  6. Put the steamed bacon and stir-fry, and feel like it’s almost ready to go out.


- Dried chili and bacon are perfect! There are many combinations of fried bacon, such as dried bamboo shoots, dried bracken, etc. or directly fried with green garlic

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