Recipe: Garlic and bacon stir fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic and bacon stir fry


This year's new garlic seedlings are on the market! The crispy taste, combined with the sauce of bacon, does not require too much seasoning, nor does it require a very high cooking skill. It can be done very well. Really appetizing for dinner!



  1. Wash the garlic and cut into a slightly longer section; the bacon is cut into thin slices.

  2. When the oil is in the pot, the oil is changed to a small fire when the temperature is 70% hot. The bacon is fried and fried. When the fat is transparent, remove the meat and leave the oil for later use.

  3. Use the oil in the pot to fry the bacon, pour the garlic into the garlic, add a little salt, change into a large fire and stir fry, then pour the bacon.

  4. After mixing and mixing the two materials, add two tablespoons of cooking wine, pour a little boiling water, and simmer a little. (It’s just fine.)

  5. Look at the soup in the pot to concentrate, add a small spoonful of pepper and a little chicken, stir fry evenly, you can go to the table!


1. When using fried bacon, you must use a small fire, otherwise it is easy to scramble the meat. 2. Add a little salt when frying garlic. Later, adding a little water will release the salty taste of the bacon. If you feel that the meat is a bit salty, you can add some extra sugar. 3. Control the time when frying garlic. If it is too cooked, you will not feel the sweet taste of the new garlic.

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