Recipe: Garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic


Today is the second day of the college entrance examination. The weather here was a bit hot yesterday. It is better today and it is cooler. I wish all students can test their scores! The hot summer came, and as the temperature rose, appetite began to decline. The refreshing little cold dish became the favorite on the table. The small cold dishes of the splendid summer are like garlic, but they are usually mixed at night. At noon, I feel like going to work in the afternoon, I don’t know how to eat fresh, and my heart is not greasy. The key is to greasy. If you eat big meat, you can eat it with a plate and find some comfort for your little heart.



  1. Washing

  2. Garlic peeling and washing

  3. Smashed into garlic

  4. Prepare salt, white vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil

  5. Add garlic to the bowl of juice

  6. Mix well

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