Recipe: Garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Garlic


The scent of garlic, the freshness of the squid, the sweetness of the steamed fish oyster sauce, perfect match!



  1. Like the 蚌 蚌 please ask the store to help kill, cut into two halves, remove the internal organs, rinse the water, put the plate. Garlic chopped into garlic and set aside.

  2. Hot oil pan, put garlic in the oil when the oil is 50% hot, stir-fry into garlic oil.

  3. When the garlic turns white, evenly spread the garlic oil along with the garlic on the geoduck. Topped with steamed fish oyster sauce.

  4. After the steamer is opened, steam in the pan for 2 minutes, and then serve.


Be sure to open the pot before the water is opened. It must be steamed. The steamer can put more water, so that the water vapor is sufficient, and it can quickly lock the delicious.

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