Recipe: Garden Chrysanthemum with Chinese Vinegar Sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Garden Chrysanthemum with Chinese Vinegar Sauce


Artemisia scoparia has high nutritional value, is rich in calcium and iron, and has the effect of "safety, spleen and stomach, eliminate phlegm and drink, and benefit the stomach". Grandma’s favorite dish is to go to Guangzhou’s hometown every time in Guangzhou. It seems to be carrying her childhood memories, so I like it very much. I also copied it in the memory, without garlic and MSG. Do it with organic vegetables and do it with confidence.



  1. Wash the Artemisia argyi, remove the older part of the stem, keep the tender stems and leaves, cut the section and drain the water into a large bowl;

  2. Mix the seasonings in a small bowl, add seasonings in a large bowl, and mix well.

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