Recipe: Ganoderma ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ganoderma ribs soup


Drinking Ganoderma lucidum soup to improve your body's immunity is often the secret to maintaining youth and energy.



  1. Wash the ganoderma lucidum into a block, wash the ribs, roll the water for 2 minutes, go to the sputum, spare.

  2. Put the ganoderma lucidum, ribs and two five-finger peaches together in the electric cooker, add some ginger and red dates.

  3. Stew for about 1 hour and sprinkle with salt to drink.


Ganoderma lucidum is a bit bitter, but when you put in a five-finger peach, there is a faint coconut flavor, which is much better. This soup nourishes the lungs and improves immunity. It is especially suitable for those who are weak and easy to catch a cough.

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