Recipe: Ganoderma lucidum pig hand soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Ganoderma lucidum pig hand soup



  1. Pig hand into a small section, boil in a cold water pot, remove blood foam, then remove and rinse with cold water, drain

  2. Peel the lotus root, cut into pieces, rinse with cold water

  3. Put the water in the casserole and pour the pig hand after the flying water

  4. Pour in clams, ganoderma lucidum slices, ginger, onions, rice wine

  5. The fire is boiled and simmered for 1 hour.

  6. Add the lotus root to the cooked pork hand soup, then add the appropriate amount of salt and cook for about 15 minutes.


Private words: 1, of course, if you have time, it is better to use a small sand and a small fire to cook slowly, it is best not to use a pressure cooker. Ganoderma lucidum soup can not only replenish qi and soothe the nerves, but also prevent and treat insomnia and make sleep better. It can also prevent and treat chronic bronchitis, which can significantly reduce cough, phlegm and inflammation, enhance cold tolerance and reduce cold. It is a long-established health food and natural immune regulator.

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