Recipe: Fuzhou Shrimp Oil Flavored Dry Powder (Small Fish Dry Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fuzhou Shrimp Oil Flavored Dry Powder (Small Fish Dry Edition)


Fuzhou shrimp oil taste boiled powder!



  1. The powder is dried with warm water, and it is eager to be cooked. It can also be cooked directly. After cooking, use cold water to wash down and cool down to avoid adhesion.

  2. The dried fish is pulled out of the fishbone, washed, and soaked in warm water. What level is it? It is just softening. Do not pour off the water of the dried fish, keep spare

  3. Ginger slices are shredded at random, and the same reason, cabbage cut and cut into pieces. Then, heat the pot, heat the ginger, dry the fish, stir fry the cabbage, then pour the water of the dried fish into the pot, suffocate for a while, then add some water / pork ribs soup / seafood soup soup soup water When you cook the cabbage until it is ripe, put the powder into the pan.

  4. Then add shrimp oil (do not like too much shrimp oil, you can add a little salt and chicken seasoning), while tasting and adjusting, salty water, lightly continue to add shrimp oil, cook until the taste is just right, add Fujian old wine . How much wine is added, I decide that some people like wine, and some people don't like it. I usually pour the bottle cap on the bottle, almost the amount of a bottle.

  5. Finally, start the pot, fill the pot, sprinkle some pepper, onion. carry out.


The dried boiled powder in Fuzhou is the dried cabbage oil and the old wine. As long as these three kinds are guaranteed, other accessories can be added by yourself, such as various kinds of mushrooms, all kinds of meat, all kinds of seafood. Water like shampoo can also not be dumped, and it is not bad to keep the soup. If you like celery, you can also sprinkle celery at the end. The authentic taste of Fuzhou is that if you don’t eat the powder for a while, you will be very uncomfortable.

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