Recipe: Fuzhou Litchi Meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fuzhou Litchi Meat


Fuzhou specialties



  1. Cut the lean meat into small 1cm, add salt, cooking wine, starch, and pickle and marinate for 1 hour. Flour, eggs, a pinch of salt, and pepper into a thick batter.

  2. Appropriate amount of soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, add a little starch to make oyster sauce. (If you want more red, you can add some ketchup)

  3. The potatoes are cut into the same size as the lean meat. The marinated lean meat is wrapped in a pan and fried until golden, and the potatoes are fried until golden.

  4. Leave the bottom oil in the pan, pour in the simmer sauce and simmer until it is bubbling. Pour the fried potatoes and lean meat, then sprinkle with minced garlic and ginger. Mix well. (PS: Put more garlic. The end is more delicious.)

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