Recipe: [Futian scorpion] Matcha Tiramisu

Home Cooking Recipe: [Futian scorpion] Matcha Tiramisu


I have never felt that Tiramisu has anything particularly delicious, but since I started doing West Point, I found it really a delicious thing. The most classic tiramisu is a combination of mascarpone cheese with finger biscuits and cocoa powder. There are n different recipes for these things. Soaking finger biscuits with rum + coffee, there are also Masala wine soaks finger biscuits; it is also available in a whipped cream version, as well as an egg white version. . . In fact, Tiramisu is a very common snack in Italy. Every family has its own different recipes. It should be like the Italian meal, and it is delicious and the kind of "mother's hand-made happiness."  The Japanese people's degree of specialization of desserts requires us to learn. They add the elements of Matcha in the original foundation, which makes the Tiramisu change in addition to the new flavor. This matcha tiramisu is like this. Fang Zi is from Futian Xunzi's "I Love and Feng Yang Fruit". I love a lot of series books. The Futian scorpion's formula is also quite reliable. Of course, there are still many untested ones. I dare not say that they are all reliable or taste. My personal preference. But this matcha-flavored tiramisu is really good, and the matcha stuff always gives a feeling of summer freshness.  This matcha-flavored tiramisu has both whipped cream and a whipped cream. There is no addition of gelatin, so the taste is also the feeling of the entrance, plus the matcha flavored liquor and the surface of the matcha powder, the slight bitterness in the fragrance with the sweetness of the cheese. . . The mouth is soft and soft. . Very recommended 哟~~~ Matcha Tiramisu (2 servings in a 150mL container):



  1. Finger biscuit practice:rThe egg yolk is sugared and sent to whitening and swelling.

  2. The protein is added to the stage of hard foaming.

  3. Add 1 dozen yolk paste to 2 and continue to beat evenly with the egg beater.

  4. Sift through the sieved low powder and mix well.

  5. Put it into a disposable plastic bag or a flower bag and squeeze it into a strip.

  6. Place in the oven at 170 ° C, the middle layer, after 15 minutes, bake at 150 ° C for 5 minutes. Cool out and cool off.

  7. Wine sugar solution:rThe sugar and matcha powder are mixed first.

  8. Slowly add hot water and adjust to a paste. Be sure to add it slowly, don't worry, otherwise the matcha powder is easy to dissolve unevenly, with a grain of particles. After cooling, add rum.

  9. Cheese paste practice:rThe egg yolk is sweetened and sent to thick and white.

  10. Mascarpone cheese is soft.

  11. Mix 9 and 10 and mix evenly.

  12. The degree of distribution of whipped cream to 6 is that it has just grain, but it can still flow.

  13. Add 11 portions of cheese yolk mixture to the whipped cream and mix evenly.

  14. Protein + granulated sugar B hits the 8 distribution look, pulls up the egg beater with a small hook that hangs down a little.

  15. The protein cream is mixed with the mixture of step 13 to form a cheese paste.

  16. The assembly of Matcha Tiramisu:rAfter soaking the sugar liquid in the finger cake, lay a layer on the bottom of the container. Pour the cheese paste.rThen lay a layer of finger cake soaked in sugar liquor.

  17. Put a layer of cheese paste on it.

  18. Refrigerate overnight and spread the tea powder before eating.


Finger biscuits: Note 1: I used the hill into the square, grilled is the kind of crispy crispy taste, but it is still soft like a cake for a few days. Because the batter of the finger biscuit is actually the batter of the oil-free sponge cake that is sent by the egg; Note 2: This amount is given, and it is possible to make 4 parts of tiramisu in a 150 mL container. Mascarpone cheese, I replaced it with cream cheese, completely ok.

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