Recipe: [Futian scorpion change] cherry blossom blueberry yum mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: [Futian scorpion change] cherry blossom blueberry yum mousse


Fang Zi is from Futian Xunzi - "I am awkward and Feng Yang fruit". There are many choices about the bottom of the cake. I use the Oreo cake base. The original party uses the sponge cake bottom. You can also use digestive cakes and cornflakes. As long as you like it, you can ^_^♥ about salted cherry blossoms. Since the mold is 12cm, I use mini-salted cherry blossoms. If you like bigger ones, You can also decorate with a slightly larger cherry blossom. The salted cherry blossoms must be soaked in advance, and the water is changed 2-3 times until the salty syrup is about the cherry syrup. The original is the sugar + water + cherry liqueur, I used the Monin Moline cherry flavor syrup, compare Easy to operate, also very good to buy ♥ about black cherry & original yogurt ♥ home wood with black cherries, I replaced with blueberry canned, so the yogurt also used blueberry strawberry prune taste ♥ about cherry frozen layer ♥ I also adjusted the original The ingredients of the party, the original party is water 120ml + sugar 30g + gelatin tablets 3g + cherry liqueur 2 tablespoons ♥.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥.* .♥.*.♥.*.♥ 12cm diameter debondable round non-stick mold 1 refrigerator for 1 hour, pour into the cherry frozen layer and refrigerate overnight.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥. *.♥.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥.*.♥



  1. [Preparation] a. The gelatin tablets used to make mousse and cherry blossoms are added to the cold water to soak; the salted cherry blossoms are soaked for more than 1 hour; b. the canned blueberries are drained and ready for use; c.80ml fresh cream is placed on the ice. Hit 6 to distribute and put in the refrigerator freezer; d. Make the Oreo base, first apply a thin layer of melted butter on the bottom of the mold (outside the formula), put 55g Oreo biscuits (without sandwich) After crumbly in a fresh-keeping bag, use a rolling pin to pry it to a large piece of crumbs, and put the crumbs in the bowl. 20g butter is heated in a microwave oven for 20-30s, poured into a bowl and mixed with biscuit crumbs. Then pour into the mold, wrap it in the outside of the masher with a fresh-keeping bag, press the bottom of the cake against the bottom of the mold, and put it into the refrigerator.

  2. Make mousse. When 80 ml of milk and 40 g of granulated sugar are heated in the pan until the surface begins to foam, pour the soft gelatin tablets and turn off the heat. After they are completely melted, filter into the pots. Soak the ice water at the bottom of the mixing bowl. When the heat of the milk gelatin solution is slightly lower, add 80ml yoghurt and mix evenly with a squeegee.

  3. Remove the fresh cream from the refrigerator and add the solution in 2 to mix well. Take out the Oreo cake bottom from the refrigerator, brush the cherry syrup on the bottom with a brush, drain the blueberries on the bottom, then pour the mixed mousse paste into the refrigerator for about 1 hour to solidify.

  4. Making cherry blossoms. Put the soft gelatin tablets into the microwave for 20s, melt into the gelatin, filter into another mixing bowl, add 4 tablespoons of cherry syrup, mix well, sit in the cold water at the bottom of the basin, stir the solution until it is viscous. Add bubbles to the basic tasteless salted cherry blossoms

  5. After the mousse is refrigerated until it is solidified (about 1 hour), add 4 sakura frozen viscous solution, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate overnight, enjoy the next day.

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