Recipe: [Futian scorpion] cantaloupe cream cake

Home Cooking Recipe: [Futian scorpion] cantaloupe cream cake


With simple cream and wine, the most beautiful flavor of summer cantaloupe~[[[The following materials can make a round cake with a diameter of 18cm]]]



  1. Making sponge cake:

  2. Handling cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is cut from the middle and seeded, half of which is dig the ball with a ball digper, and the other half is peeled and cut into 3mm thick slices, which are placed on the kitchen paper and thoroughly drained.

  3. Hair cream: 400ML whipped cream and 2 tablespoons of fine granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon of brandy mixed, use electric egg beater to send high speed to seven points, take about one-third of the weight and continue to send to eight points

  4. Cut the sponge cake into three pieces, apply a layer of cream on the bottom surface to the eight-point cream, evenly place a layer of cantaloupe slices, then evenly apply a layer of eight-distributed cream, cover the middle cake piece, and repeat the wipe. Cream - put the cantaloupe piece - the action of smearing the cream, then cover the top cake piece

  5. Mix the remaining cream that has been sent to eight points and all the cream that has been sent to the seven points. Spread it on the surface of the cake and smear it on the top. Place a cantaloupe ball on the inside of the cream flower.

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