Recipe: Fusarate bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Fusarate bean curd


The common practice of yuba and tofu ~ the yuba that is full of soup still has a chewing head, which is both a tooth and a taste. The tofu is cooked more and more tender, with the aroma of marinade. It is a vegetarian dish that the whole family likes.



  1. The yuba was soaked overnight and cut into sections with a knife. Tofu cut triangles. Ginger slices, washed with garlic and broken.

  2. Take a small pot and add salad oil. Spicy ginger slices, add water, soy sauce, rice wine, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar, try to taste after boiling, if not salty and then add salt. At this time, put on the garlic and parsley. After a little 1-2 minutes, put the yuba and tofu, use a small fire for about 30 minutes, if the yuba is not soft enough, the halogen time can be extended.

  3. After the brine is good, put it into the dish, pour in the right amount of marinade and garnish the parsley.


Yuba must be soaked in advance. Tofu should be cut a little bigger and not easy to boil.

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