Recipe: Fungus sliced ​​zucchini

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus sliced ​​zucchini


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  1. Slice pork, add seasoning 6 to 9 marinated; wash the fungus, tear the small pieces; slice the zucchini.

  2. The fire, the hot pot under the cold oil, slide to a slightly whitish powder.

  3. Lower zucchini and fungus, stir fry for a minute, add chicken soup and cook.

  4. When the zucchini becomes soft, you can add salt, stir fry a few times, steal two, and judge for yourself. If you are good, turn off the fire.

  5. Began to eat!


The reason for labeling "fast food" is that the meat can be pre-cured in the early season, and it is still very fast.

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