Recipe: Fungus, mushroom, steamed chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus, mushroom, steamed chicken


This dish is characterized by simplicity and health. No oil, it is very suitable for MM 想 want to keep the body ~ while the fungus lowers blood pressure, often eaten very helpful for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease ~ you may wish to try!



  1. The fungus is soaked in cold water and washed; the mushroom is soaked, washed and ready for use.

  2. Take a clean bowl, add cooking wine, soy sauce, oil, salt, sugar

  3. Add starch and water to the bowl, mix well, and serve as a juice.

  4. Chicken diced, sprinkled with ginger

  5. Pour in the freshly prepared juice and marinate for 15 minutes.

  6. Mushrooms and fungus are cut into strips, sprinkled on marinated chicken, placed in a steamer, and steamed for 15 minutes.

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