Recipe: Fungus mushroom dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus mushroom dumplings


The fungus is crisp and the mushrooms are soft. The two tastes are really good for each other. One word - beautiful!



  1. Wash the fungus, mushrooms and soaked hair, tear the small pieces of fungus, mushrooms and small Ding, add a teaspoon of salt and mix well. Dumplings and a spoonful of stuffing are just fine.

  2. The pot is boiled in water, boiled in dumplings, and the bowl sauce is taken at the same time. Proportion: red oil 2, soy sauce 2, vinegar 2, garlic 1, sugar 2, salt 1

  3. The dumplings are cooked and drained, and the seasoning bowl is mixed and eaten.


1, dumpling skin buy ready-made is the most convenient, if you do it yourself on the sauce: dumpling powder (high-gluten flour) + water and into the dough, the refrigerator is left to stand for 1 hour, divided into small doses into a dough. 2, dumplings into a sample? Let's do whatever we like, whatever we want! God horse buns shape, burning wheat shape, sculpt style are coming ~~ 3, wrapped dumplings in the fresh-keeping bag in the refrigerator freezer to save, can be stored for a long time, so one more package point ~ ~ when the breakfast meal is very happy ~ 4, the vinegar of the taste juice can be adjusted according to personal taste ~ ~ and there is a cardamom or oyster sauce, you can add a copy, is the taste of pure bell dumplings haha. Then pay attention to the saltiness of your home, if it is enough, you do not need to add salt. 5, mix or eat, all by personal preference ~ I really like to eat 吼吼~

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