Recipe: Fungus mixed noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus mixed noodles


Going on a business trip tonight, going to the market to buy fresh vegetables will be left, in order not to waste, empty the ingredients in the refrigerator at noon! I will be back in about a week, and I will send you new products at that time! The coldness of winter makes us avoid the cold salad. In fact, it is quite good for the body to eat some cold salad in this season. A dish made of coarse grains is dedicated to everyone! This dish can be used as a staple food as well as a personal preference.



  1. Use 50 degrees of blisters to soften the water.

  2. Seaweed and black fungus are soaked in warm water, washed and shredded.

  3. Add soybean meal, salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, vinegar, red oil and sesame oil to a small amount of warm water to form a sauce.

  4. Put the noodles, fungus, and seaweed in a dish and mix well. Pour in the sauce and stir well. Finally, add the red pepper and chopped green onion.

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