Recipe: Fungus meatball soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus meatball soup


Pork pill in Jinmai Township! When I cooked the meatball soup, I added a piece of fungus to my hand. I threw it in and I didn’t expect it to be good!



  1. 5 dried fungus, soft water, soft and shredded

  2. The meatballs are taken out in advance to thaw, or they can not be thawed.

  3. Burn a pot of water, add fragrant garlic, no need to add ~

  4. Put in the meatballs, boil and add the fungus

  5. Cooked with chicken feathers soon cooked, add a few drops of sesame oil, a few drops of soy sauce, a little salt, sprinkle a chopped green onion!

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