Recipe: Fungus meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus meat


Someone asked me before, why didn't I write the amount in the recipe? To be honest, I used to cook in the usual days, but I did not know how much I used. How do you say that I should write? And, if I really write about 7 grams of salt, 5ML of soy sauce, 4ML of cooking wine, 1 gram of pepper, please. . . What are you going to use to weigh? . . I always feel that when I cook, I cook, and I don’t have to do scientific experiments. The basic seasonings are just like the ones you like. It's really undetermined. You like to put more seasonings, don't like less or not. Regardless of what is not authentic, relying on not relying on it, I like it. . . That is the king!



  1. Slice the pork lean meat, add salt, soy sauce, water starch and mix thoroughly. The green pepper is cut into pieces, and the black fungus is shredded into small pieces of water after use.

  2. Reclaimed wine, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, water-regulated juice

  3. Heat the oil on the hot pot, heat the oil and then simmer the ginger at the end of the pot. Add the marinated meat to the sauce and remove it.

  4. The remaining oil is once again hot, and the green pepper is fried until it is broken. Add the black fungus that has been simmered in water and stir fry. Add a little salt to taste.

  5. Transfer to the adjusted juice in step 2, turn it up and then take the pot.

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