Recipe: Fungus cooking heart

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus cooking heart


What happened to the Coca-Cola from my old mouth, so my son often wraps his father before going to bed to tell him the story of their childhood. Comrade Lao Xiao said this about black fungus: "When we were young, the fungus was rare. Your grandmother led me to the wedding seat. When I had the black fungus, the adults whispered, really generous, and fried fungus. Then your grandmother hurriedly sneaked me a few pieces, and I swallowed it as a rare baby, and I didn’t have any good food. It’s soft, no smell, I never understood. The fungus is delicious, but the concept that the fungus is a good thing is rooted in the head." Haha, my family Lao Xiao said it is interesting. After I got married with Laoxiao, I found that Lao Xiao had a special liking for mushroom fungus. In fact, I was not very interested in the fungus before, because my family is in the mountains. When it rains, the outside stick can be picked up. Fungus, not a good thing at all. However, I have always been centered on my husband. What he loves is that my family's table is always on the table. I also fall in love with fungus when I eat it. Fungus is good, one is nutritious, the other is convenient, soak some when there is no food, fry a plate, and can withstand a while ^_^. How should the fungus be soaked? I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. It is very simple, cold water will do. If you want to eat in the morning, soak up before going to bed. If you want to eat at night, soak in before going out in the morning, come back and change the water several times, the fungus is very clean. Try not to use hot water, use hot water to make the mouth feel soft, sticky, not easy to store, and the amount of foam is much less than cold water.



  1. Washed fungus, torn into small flowers

  2. A hearty dish, also cleaned

  3. Add oil to the pot, heat it, sauté the onion, ginger, and stir the fungus

  4. When the stir-fried fungus creaks, the heart of the dish is fried, the heart is fried, the salt is added, the sauce is soaked, and the sauce is seasoned.

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